About Us

Daniela began to acquire experience in the working of precious metals towards the end of the 1970s. her career began in a basement workshop, where she had just a few rudimentary tools at her disposal.

This occurred shortly after she moved to Vicenza from Rome, the city where she was born and where she had completed her artistic studies.

Daniela nurtures a direct, emotional approach to silver and gold and in this regard her outlook is based on a sense of beauty she absorbed and was exposed to when she was a child. She was in fact born into a highly creative family: her mother was a painter and her father a photographer and interior decorator.

Her expressive gifts and original approach were recognised and duly rewarded and in later years her creations were successfully presented at an international level at exhibitions dedicated to artistic jewellery and at trade fairs specialising in this sector. Her jewels began to be requested and purchased by clients in locations as far afield as the United States and Japan.

At this point in her career Daniela made a specific choice. She felt she should not renounce the quality and abandon the particular craftwork characteristics of her products; she decided to keep her small workshop and not bend to the market demand for serial production.

She followed this route in order to remain faithful to a deep source of inspiration she found in the world of art.

She remained firmly convinced that every jewel is a unique work, endowed with its own inherent expressive quality.

This is why every piece we create is still produced in accordance with well-studied criteria, a refined aesthetic taste and with a sense of dedication; in this manner the original ‘soul’ of her work may be clearly expressed in the final results.


Her jewels are often designed following a phase of consultation with her clients, whom she receives in her workshop situated in one of the porticos beneath the Basilica Palladiana, which in itself is a symbolic site in the history of the goldsmiths’ trade in Vicenza.

For almost a decade now Daniela’s daughter, Margherita, has been supporting her mother in the management of the business.

After her period of study at the DAMS university institute in Rome that specialises in the visual arts, music and drama studies, Margherita returned to Vicenza to rediscover the value of her family’s artistic activities.

The story of this small company reflects the typical Italian tradition relating to small family-owned enterprises.

In this context employees, who have worked for many years in a business, become an integral and indispensable part of the company on account of the knowledge they have acquired and relationships that develop over time.

So, this is our story and we would like to introduce ourselves …

Daniela is the founder and artistic director of the firm.

Margherita, her daughter, is the production and communication manager.

Monica is our artistic consultant and administrative manager.

Alfredo is an expert craftsman who has dedicated his life to the processing of precious metals.