Customised creations

For many years we have specialised in transforming jewels that have been left hidden in drawers or locked up in a safe into something you can wear every day and which you can really derive pleasure from.

You may have a few old family treasures or heirlooms: a necklace that belonged to a grandmother, a chain that was a first Holy Communion gift or precious stones purchased during your travels … we offer an opportunity to help you create a jewel that will satisfy your current desires.


You can come and visit us and show us the pieces of jewellery you would like us to modify or your precious stones. We will explain how it would be possible to transform these items into artistic jewels with a personal touch in the design.

Our creative team, Daniela, Monica and Margherita, will learn what your requirements are and will try to interpret your desires in an optimal fashion.

In this regard our basic company philosophy establishes that our customers should not leave the shop if they are not entirely satisfied with the results.