24-12-2014 From 24th December 2014
Some Daniela Vettori's creations are on sale at the Jewellery Museum's bookshop in Vicenza, Basilica Palladiana.
Bookshop del museo del gioiello
03-12-2014 From 3rd December to December 6th
Daniela Vettori exhibit at Dubai "Jewellery Week".
Espozione gioielli a Dubai jewellery week
17-09-2014 From 17th September to 21th September
Daniela Vettori exhibit at Hong Kong "Jewellery & Gem fair".
Esposizione Gioielli in oro a Hong Kong 2014


Daniela Vettori incontra i colori di Aubusson From May 23rd to June 21rd
Daniela Vettori and Magal meet the colours of Aubusson and present their new… read more
Fashion parade handmade jewellery The collection "Ancient Rome" by Daniela Vettori was worn at the fashion parade "Jewels of Italy" at Central Plaza, Hong Kong.
Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem  fair 2014 Daniela Vettori exhibit at Hong Kong "Jewellery & Gem fair".
Silver Jewellery  Crocodilus Vicetinus Vicenza Daniela Vettori exhibit her tribute "Crocodilus Vicetinus" - silver and fossil wood - to the nineteenth-century naturalist, archaeologist and writer from Vicenza Paolo Lioy, at La Vigna library in Vicenza, Contrà Porta S.Croce, 3.
Gold jewelry at Palladio Museum Vicenza Daniela Vettori produces the jewel "Tribute to Palladio", permanently exposed at "Palladio Museum" in Vicenza, Palazzo Barbarano, Contrà Porti,11.
Jewellery in ViArt, exhibition hall of Vicenza's artistic craftwork Daniela Vettori exposes at ViArt, exhibition hall of Vicenza's artistic craftwork.
Palladian villa  in silver and gold to the President of Italian Republic Giorgio Napolitano Daniela Vettori makes the prototype of Palladian villa in silver, gold and lapis lazuli, donated from the CISA (Centro Internazionale di Studi di architettura Andrea Palladio) to the President of Italian Republic Giorgio Napolitano.
Artist Sonia Falsarella with Italian goldsmith Daniela Vettori Daniela Vettori presents "Altre storie di sguardi e volti". Paintings of material and color made by Sonia Falsarella, combined with the line of colored stones.
the art of Sante Monachesi in atelier Vicenza "Daniela Vettori meets the art of Sante Monachesi". Presentation of the line design Jewels inspired by the Roman artist.
FRIDA KAHLO in atelier by Daniela Vettori "A Tribute to Frida Kahlo - female's lights and shadows focusing on passion and art" presentation of the ethnic jewellery line inspired by the Mexican artist.
orefice vicentina incontra  Maurizio D'Agostini "Daniela Vettori meets Maurizio D'Agostini". An event dedicated to the artistic collaboration between the jeweller and the sculptor, which led to the creation of sculpture jewels.
sfilata moda mare taormina 2001 gioielli di Vettori "Moda mare Taormina" a fashion show with Daniela Vettori's, jewels creations parade.
"Donna sotto le stelle" haute couture show in piazza di Spagna - Rome - where Daniela Vettori's, jewels are worn.
orefice di Vicenza  a New York Evocative Gold "The World Aglow", show where are presented the jewel's dress and accessories in gold tiles of Daniela Vettori, as the only representative of Vicenza's goldmith's art, by Cipriani 42, New York.
Eventi televisivi di Daniela V. "L'Italia di Dove" , a SKY - TV cultural programme presenting artistic cities, during which
Daniela Vettori was interviewed as the only representative of the goldsmith's art in Vicenza.
"Costume e società" - a programme of TG2. Daniela Vettori presents her customized belts and new ethnic trends.
"Domenica in famiglia" - a programme of RAI 2. Daniela Vettori is invited as the only representative of the jewellery art in Vicenza.
GoldSmith Vicenza  in New York "Italian Craftmanship on Stage", exhibition of Italian crafts's excellence at the Market Theatre, Johannesburg.
"Gold Expression", World Gold Council's project which selects the best "expressions" of yellow gold in the world. Daniela Vettori shows her creations.
orefice di Vicenza  a las Vegas "JCK Luxury", Las Vegas; "Couture Collection", Scottsdale; "Centurion", Tucson;
"JA", New York; "Couture Jewellery Collection", Montecarlo; "Exhibition at Hilton", Tokio.
orefice di Vicenza  a Venezia,Verona,Firenze "Passion - Yachts & Emotions", Molino Stucky Hilton, Venice; "Luxury & Yacht", Verona Fair; "Pitti Uomo", Palazzo Pitti, Florence; "Vicenza Oro 1 - Vicenza Oro 2 - Orogemma", Fiera di Vicenza.

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