artisan goldsmith Daniela Vettori

Daniela Vettori was born in Rome into a family of artists; mother painter, father photographer and interior designer. Since childhood she reveals a precocious and independent artistic talent, that she deepens at the art school in via Ripetta. Her early interests - drawing, painting and sculpture - would be fully expressed in the world of jewellery.

In the 70s she develops in Vicenza - city of gold since 1300 - her own stylistic and craftwork research. She re-interpret the centuries-old craftwork traditions of jewellery making, developing a very personal techniques, which become her own individual hallmark.She produces her jewels by hand in yellow gold and silver, using her favourite techniques: lost wax process, fire and hammer that transforms precious metals.

Artisan creations Her creations are inspired by the passion for the dance, from which she takes the movements of the forms, love for nature, of which she uses precious and unusual stones, and by the figurative arts, from which she captures the spirit of our time.
Daniela Vettori has participated at exhibitions and events dedicated to artistic jewellery in Italy, New York, Washington, Boston, Tokyo, Johannesburg, Annecy. Her creations are sold and appreciated in Europe, United States of America and Japan.

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