Gintsugi earrings

Gintsugi earrings

630.00 €

These earrings have been handcrafted by Magal in 18 kt gold and 925 silver, each pair is a unique piece.

Free interpretation of the Japanese Gintsugi ceramic repair technique applied to precious metals, literally "repairing with silver". The original technique involves the repair of ceramic artifacts with urushi lacquer and silver dust.

Magal overturns the concept of its Kintsugi line, where the silver plate is repaired with gold, inverting the two precious metals. The base plate this time is in 18 kt yellow gold, the break is always random and is repaired in 925 silver.

The meaning of Gintsugi is about the importance of repair after breakage, it is what makes the object unique. Just like healed wounds (real, relational or metaphysical)that make us unique.

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