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Our jewellery workshop, which we would normally refer to as a ‘bottega’, is situated under the Basilica Palladiana, at the site where, in the year 1333, the original local guild or ‘company’ of goldsmiths was established in Vicenza. The defining epithet referring to Vicenza as the ‘Città dell’Oro’ naturally derives from a centuries-old local craftwork tradition.

This fascinating site is well worth visiting, even if only to admire the walls of the interior that create a special atmosphere and offer glimpses of a distant past.

We like to call it a ‘bottega’ and, that is, a ‘workshop’, because we often design bespoke jewellery there together with our clients; yes, this is where we sell our products, but it’s also a location where ‘co-creation’ projects are proposed and planned.

Our principal production premises are located at a different site just a short distance from the Basilica. They are in fact hidden in an old courtyard that offers a view of the Ponte San Michele, one of the oldest bridges in Vicenza.

When requested, we organise guided visits at our main workshop. This is where visitors will be able to learn about the various stages of the jewellery manufacturing process, metal-casting operations and the various craftwork techniques. To book your visit, simply send us an e-mail request.

Some of the jewellery processing phases are illustrated in the video recording.

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