The symbolic engagement ring.

The engagement ring is always a debated topic.

The ones that prefer "the solitaire", the ones that love more than just one stone on it; those who consider the diamond necessary and those who prefer a colored stone.

Its meaning is always a promise, a commitment that one partner declares to the other in view of a future formal union.

Marco was looking for something special for Giovanna, something that celebrated their union and that represented it in a non-trivial way.

When he talked to me about "ancient taste" and "old times ring", I decided to offer him a "rose" cut diamond.

Crogiolo con lega per oro verde.
Crogiolo con lega per oro verde.

The “rose” cut is the ancient way in which diamonds were bezeled before the technology that allows the cusp cut was invented. These diamonds have a flat base and a variable number of facets on the surface.

They turn out to be less bright but have an original, more raw charm.

So we decided not to leave anything to chance and, reflecting on the concept of purity, I decided to use a gold alloy commonly called "green", which involves only the use of pure gold and silver.

With the wire obtained from the metal I created a square frame in which to inscribe the diamond with a circular base by working it with fire and hammer.

The symbology of the geometric figures I used:

The square symbolizes the earth, the feminine principle, the space, while the circle is the sky, the masculine principle, time ... the inscription of the second in the first seals the union of the two principles.

Anello con diamante taglio rosa.
Anello con diamante taglio rosa.

Such a particular piece also needed a special packaging and since Marco is passionate about ancient books I found an old blue and gold cover that I handed over to my creative friend Edoardo Maria Maggiolo.

So Edoardo created the perfect arrangement for this piece… you will never guess the structure of the box… a can of tuna!

L'anello nella sua confezione.
L'anello nella sua confezione.

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