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Runic jewelry

This jewelry collection explores the world of runes and their meanings.

The Runes are 24 ancient symbols that form the Futhark: the ancient Celtic alphabet from which the German language derives.

They are archetypal signs linked to the collective subconscious.

Each rune represents a moment in human life: sowing, harvest, war, family, joy, love, friendship, fertility, death ...

Each one is also connected to an element of nature: water, sun, ice, the yew tree, the cyclical nature of the seasons ...

Wearing a rune means looking within and expressing all the symbolic potential that this contains.

Each runic jewel is worked by Magal in the goldsmith's workshop in Vicenza.

All the jewels are in 925 silver without galvanic treatments, the stones used are natural.

Anello runico inciso

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