Daniela Vettori collections

Handcrafted goldsmith collections

The jewelry of our goldsmith collections are entirely made by hand in our goldsmith workshop in Vicenza, many pieces are unique, others are reproducible but will never be exactly the same, and this is part of their beauty.

The fact that we are small producers and work the jewelry entirely in our laboratory, from design to finishing, allows us to guarantee the quality and ethics of our products.

Our jewels are worked without any galvanic treatments. The precious metals we use, 750 yellow gold and 925 silver, are guaranteed in order to pretect the well-being of your skin.

We choose exclusively natural precious and semi-precious stones, the same goes for alternative materials such as wood.

All of our artistic jewelry is the result of the stylistic research of Daniela Vettori, her daughter Margherita who also works on the Magal collections, the precious contribution of Monica (our long-time collaborator) and of the ingenious hands of Alfredo, a valiant craftsman.

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