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Freedom in orbit jewelry

This design jewelry collection called Freedom in orbit was created in 2011 by Daniela and her team in the goldsmith workshop in Vicenza. For the first time in a considerable way even Margherita (Magal), Daniela's daughter, gave her creative and effective contribution to the construction of this new collection.

The starting point were the works of the artist Sante Monachesi.

"We will no longer die neither suspended nor hung"

This is what the artist in the 60s of the last century declared. With this cryptic phrase he transported us to his world of lack of gravity.

The collection is inspired by his light and whimsical poetics that plays on the concept, invented by Monachesi himself, of “Agravitational”.

The presentation of the jewelry collection was accompanied by an exhibition of the artist's works (especially his polymetralacrylate sculptures) in our Atelier, which at the time was located in Via Paolo Lioy in Vicenza.

These design jewels have given us the opportunity to experiment and develop new processing techniques such as the wrinkling of the gold plate and the beat cutting of the gold and silver ribbon.

Lastra in libertà in oro 750, stropicciata a mano.

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