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Negozio basilica palladiana Vicenza

Goldsmith atelier in Vicenza.

Daniela Vettori is a family-run artisan goldsmith shop that has been producing and selling artistic jewels in 750 yellow gold and 925 silver in Vicenza since 1981.

Being small producers and working the jewel entirely in our laboratory, from design to finish, allows us to guarantee the quality and ethics of our products.

Here are our principles:

  • Within our laboratory we work without the use of substances that are harmful to the environment..
  • The precious and semiprecious stones we use are strictly natural..
  • Our jewels are worked without galvanic treatments: precious metals, 750 yellow gold and 925 silver, are guaranteed for the well-being of your skin.
  • Our attention is focused on the person and on relationships: il the customer first of all, but also the importance of maintaining a peaceful working environment within our shop.
  • We recycle your used gold for the creation of new jewels.

Our values ​​were inspired by the founder Daniela Vettori and have matured and perfected over time, we are and will always be on the path of improvement.

But now let us tell you how it all began.

Daniela Vettori

Daniela Vettori began her experimentation with precious metals at the end of the 1970s, in a basement and with a few rudimentary tools.

Back then she had recently moved to Vicenza coming from Rome, the city that saw her birth and where she completed artistic studies.

Her approach to gold and silver is direct, emotional, based on that sense of Beauty with which Daniela had been nourished since she was a child, being born into a creative family: Her mother a painter and her father a photographer and interior designer.

Her expressive originality is rewarded, and during the years to come her goldsmith creations go around the world between exhibitions dedicated to artistic jewelry and trade fairs. Her jewelry is sought after from the United States to Japan.

Daniela Vettori at this point in her career makes a very specific choice: that of not giving up the quality and ’craftsmanship of her artistic goldsmith creations by deciding to keep her small goldsmith workshop and not to bow to the market demand for serial production.

She does this to remain faithful to her deepest source of inspiration: Art.

She remains firmly convinced that each jewel is a unique work, with its own expressive soul.

For this reason, the processing of each piece of jewelry still takes place today with study, grace and dedication, so that this original soul can find its maximum expression in the final result.

Margherita Galla

For about ten years now Margherita Galla, Daniela's daughter, has been supporting her mother in managing the goldsmith's workshop in Vicenza.
After having trained at the DASS of La Sapienza in Rome, Margherita, returning to Vicenza she rediscovers the value of the family's artistic activity. She starts by paying her dues in the lab. Later, having mastered the subject, she feels the need to create her own line that expresses her concept of jewelry. Thus, is born Magal, symbolic creations.

In Magal all Margherita's interests for spiritual research, yoga and symbolism are converged and transformed into jewelry.
The Magal line intends the piece not as an ornament, but above all as a symbol of something intangible and immaterial.It is the representation of something that is hidden in the interior, it is what encourages us to bring out the best in the circumstances of life.

The jewelry of the symbolic line are personally worked by Margherita, one by one, in the Vicenza workshop.

Among these we find archetypal symbols such as runes, but also abstract concepts such as Kintsugi: the crack filled with gold that embellishes our experiences.

This is us.

The history of this small company belongs to the all-Italian tradition of family-run micro-enterprises.
So even the employees themselves, who have been working in the goldsmith shop for years, become an integral and indispensable part of the company, thanks to their acquired knowledge and the human relationship that has been created over time.

So here we are! Let’s start with the introductions:

Daniela, the founder and artistic director.
Margherita, the daughter, head of production and communication. Creator of Magal, symbolic creations.
Monica, artistic consultant and administrative manager.
Alfredo, the skilled hands of one who has dedicated his life to the processing of precious metals.

Chi siamo

Our goldsmith shop is part of the Wellmade circuit, which selects the best Italian artisans.

Piazza dei Signori, 35 – 36100 VICENZA Italia
+39 0444/323855


Tuesday all day long from 10 am to 7.30 pm

from Wednesday to Saturday from 10 am to 1 pm and from 4 pm to 7.30 pm

We're closed on Sundays and on Mondays.

We're also closed the 25th of april and the 1st, 10th and 11th of May

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