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Ancient Rome jewelry

In this collection of jewelry converge several stories weaved together that inspired Daniela Vettori.

The first intent was to pay homage to Rome, the city where Daniela was born, and its ancient history.

The second is that of the fascination that DV received from the world of ancient Egypt visiting the tombs of the Pharaohs.

The third inspiration is the piece that connects the first two: the representation of William Shakespeare’s text Anthony and Cleopatra , which Daniela Vettori attended at the Olympic Theater in Vicenza.

From here the slave bracelets worked initially in gold, and now also in silver. Then the whole Cleopatra line with many wires welded together and finally the Nefertiti brooch and earrings that once again recall Egypt with their sinuous eye shape and their preciousness.

All the jewelry is worked one by one in our artistic goldsmith's workshop in Vicenza.

Bracciali schiava in oro e diamanti

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