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The Magal symbolic jewelry collections are the result of Margherita Galla's personal and stylistic research.

Margherita, for years interested in symbolism and a lover of yoga, understands the jewelry as an expression of the intangible.

In her collections she explores both archetypal symbology , with which she has come into contact over the years such as runes, and abstract concepts as in the case of Kintsugi.

The luck of having grown up in a small artisan workshop allows her to guarantee the quality and ethics of every single item that is entirely worked by her in the Vicenza workshop.

According to the philosophy of the Daniela Vettori’s workshop, of which she represents the second generation, all the jewelry is worked without galvanic treatments.

The precious metals that are used, 750 yellow gold and 925 silver, are thus guaranteed for the well-being of your skin.

Even the precious and semiprecious stones used are exclusively natural.

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