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Kintsugi jewelry

Kintsugi is the ancient Japanese technique that enhances the cracks and fractures of ceramic objects by repairing them with urushi lacquer and gold dust.

To create this product line I was inspired by this art.

On a symbolic level, Kintsugi is for me the ability of the human being to heal its "fractures" (physical, emotional, spiritual) in a creative and artistic way. Building a new, more authentic self because it is broken and reassembled with love and preciousness.

Ogni gioiello Kintsugi è unico e irripetibile e viene lavorato da Magal in argento 925 e oro 750.

You can buy it by choosing a starting shape, for example square, triangular, round … and then also a specific size. The crack filled in gold cannot be decided, but it will depend on the randomness of its breaking, and this is also its beauty..

The story of my Kintsugi experimentation begins with a mistake: a silver bracelet that I had to deliver urgently and that, due to a little inattention from me, breaks.

And so my vision changed: from scrap to be thrown away to a crack to be valued..

Pendente e anello Kintsugi

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