Eihwaz rune ring

Eihwaz rune ring

85.00 €

Eihwaz is the rune of balance, linked to the yew tree.

This tree has a type of wood of enormous elasticity and resistance suitable for the construction of bows, for this reason this rune awakens in us the ductility and perseverance in the face of the circumstances of life that could translate into the motto: "I bend but I do not break”.

925 silver ring handmade by Magal with fire and hammer.

Size: Eihwaz ring head measures approximately 2.5x1cm.

Please select your size from the drop down menu before placing your order.

To obtain the correct size, simply measure the internal diameter of a ring you already own.

If the size you want is not in stock we will produce it within a couple of weeks.

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