Free slab pendant with diamonds

Free slab pendant with diamonds

1,140.00 €

This pendant is the result of the study and mastery of our artisan hands.

After a long work we were able to freely wrinkle a 18 kt gold plate just as if it were a sheet of paper.

The thing that exalted us the most is being able to make the delicate setting of the diamonds that gives the impression that they are almost only resting inside the folds of the plate.

Each pendant is a unique piece, we can reproduce the original shape but the creasing and setting of the diamonds will always be unrepeatable.

The pendant in 18 kt gold and 0.19 ct brilliant cut diamonds, VVS quality and G color, perfect to combine with the gold orbital necklace or the silver nugget cord and gold clasp.

Rhombus Size: About 2.5cm X 3cm

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