How to clean your silver jewel

We are working exclusively with 925 silver without using external chemical treatment.

Our philosophy is to doing the best we can to keep silver natural, because we like to take care of your skin and also we believe in the importance to keep safe the enviroment.


For the reason to be natural over time your jewel could became oxidated.

So we would like to give you two simple tips to clean it with somethings that is probably you have at home: soda and teeth brush.

Two steps:

  1. Mix 1 spoon of soda powder with small water
  2. Put it on the jewel and Wipe gently with a teeth brush, keeping attention to eventually stones.

Did you forget to clean your silver jewel made by Daniela Vettori or Magal for a long time?

No problem, you can bring it to our shop in Piazza dei Signori 35, Vicenza , and we will clean it for you.

We make bespoke personalized jewelry.

We specialize in turning your abandoned jewelry in drawers or locked into a safe into something you can wear on a daily basis and enjoy.

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