Customed Kintsugi.

Kintsugi, this technique of fracturing the silver plate which is then reassembled with gold threads, is very suitable for customization.

This technique can give a new frame, or rather a new piece of art, to that jewerys in which you’ve lost interest. Through some examples I will explain how.

The first example that I bring you is that of a crab in gold and moonstone that served as the center of a coral necklace. The client brought it to us because this mounting seemed out of date and so we proposed to reuse the crab but to move it to a more ... modern context.


I’ve created a plate worked ad hoc in 925 silver and 750 gold on which the crab has taken place becoming an original and modern brooch.

The second example that I bring you is the one created starting from a classic of gold and diamond production from the Daniela Vettori line.

This is a pendant with the initial letter M produced in gold and diamonds. To the customer who had owned it for more than twenty years and who had worn it for a long time, it seemed to have become obsolete and wanted to give it a new light.

This also has been inserted into a new modern framework with a custom cut Kintugi slab that easily fits into the original pendant support necklace.

What do you think of the result?

Il risultato finale
Il risultato finale

The symbolic meaning of this operation was strong

The owner of the pendant has changed a lot in these 20 years, and while getting older the panorama that surrounded her changed. Filled cracks, inevitable wrinkles and also painful experiences were created during these years, and only an enormous golden wisdom could weld and bring back to a sense.

The third work that I present to you really goes beyond the concept of Kintsugi, but it was inspired by it.

In this case, the client wanted a nameplate in which a name written in Brail, the writing of the blind, could be "read" in relief.

In order to do this I used the same processing technique as the Kintsugi but no fractures this time, only welded gold balls. An interesting challenge for me: a new language to deal with… and here is the result.

Scrittura in brail
Scrittura in brail

Do you also have some jewels to modernize, to change because changing you no longer feel it on your skin?

Write me at magal@danielavettori.com

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