High Kintsugi bracelet

High Kintsugi bracelet

510.00 €

These bracelets are inspired by Kintsugi: the ancient Japanese technique that enhances the cracks and fractures of ceramic objects by repairing them with gold.

On a symbolic level, Kintsugi is for me the ability of the human being to recompose his "fractures" in a creative and artistic way.

Each bracelet is unique and unrepeatable, the materials used are 925 silver and 18 kt gold wire.

Each bracelet will be similar but never the same as the one in the photo because the break occurs randomly, and this is part of its beauty.

Each bracelet is open and features two gold break repairs.

Dimensions: for the height of the bracelet you can choose between 3 or 4 cm, you can also select the size of the internal diameter so that the bracelet adapts to the size of the wrist.

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