Massive Cleopatra necklace

Massive Cleopatra necklace

600.00 €

To create this necklace, which is part of the Cleopatra collection, Daniela Vettori was inspired by William Shakespeare's Antonio and Cleopatra.

After attending the performance of Shakespeare's text at the Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza he thought of creating a collection dedicated to this queen of the passionate but at the same time mystical past.

Hence the work of union through the fire of many metal threads.

At first this collection was produced in 18 kt gold, but now we produce it in 925 silver.

The 925 silver necklace has been worked with mixed technique in our goldsmith workshop in Vicenza.

Dimensions: the internal diameter of the necklace is about 13 cm, the sectors are 1.3 cm high.

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