Kintsugi necklace

Kintsugi necklace

800.00 €

These necklaces are inspired by Kintsugi: the ancient Japanese technique that enhances the cracks and fractures of ceramic objects by repairing them with gold.

On a symbolic level, Kintsugi is for me the ability of the human being to recompose his "fractures" in a creative and artistic way.

Each jewel is handmade in .925 silver and .750 gold by Magal in the artistic goldsmith's workshop in Vicenza.

Each necklace is unique and unrepeatable, the manual processing and the randomness of how the fracture occurs make it similar but never the same as in the photos.

Each necklace has a fracture in the central piece and sometimes also in one of the two side pieces.

Dimensions of the central piece: from 2 to 3 cm. Side pieces: 1 to 2 cm. Inner diameter: approx. 14.5 cm.

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