Solar Necklace

Solar Necklace

515.00 €

To create this solar line, Daniela Vettori was inspired by jewels of antiquity and one of the symbols that most influenced her work: the Sun (it is no coincidence that our logo is also the oldest symbol of representation of the sun!)

This necklace was sculpted in wax and then cast in 925 silver.

The original model was born in the nineties in 18 kt yellow gold (a "solar" metal for excellence) and is now produced almost exclusively in silver for reasons of weight and price.

It can be worn in two ways as shown in the photo.

Dimensions: the internal diameter of the necklace is about 13.5 cm, the external diameter of the 3 circles is 3.5 cm, the height of the joining arches is 1.2 cm.

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