Pomegranate earrings

Pomegranate earrings

165.00 €

The pomegranate is a complex symbol that has different shades based on the culture in which it is placed. Overall, it is a sign of rebirth and life due to the red color of its juice that recalls blood.

More extensively we can associate it with the cycle of life and death referring to the Greek myth of Proserpina. She is forced to spend half the year in the Underworld with her husband Hades for having eaten pomegranate seeds.

In other cultures, we often find it associated with a female divinity (Aphrodite, Venus and the Madonna) as a symbol of abundance and fertility due to the numerous grains found inside.

Handcrafted creation of Magal in 925 silver and 750 gold seeds entirely handmade, each piece is unique.

925 silver earrings embellished with 750 gold seeds handcrafted by Magal with fire and hammer.

Dimensions: pomegranate diameter 2 cm

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