Gintsugi pendant

Gintsugi pendant

950.00 €

Gintsugi literally means "to repair with silver". The original technique involves the repair of ceramic artifacts with urushi lacquer and silver dust.

Magal made a free interpretation of this concept and works the gold plate until it breaks, and then repairs it with silver.

The message of these artifacts, always different from each other, is to give value to their scars and imperfections that make us unique and special.

Each jewel is a unique piece and is handmade by Magal in 18 kt gold and 925 silver in the goldsmith's workshop in Vicenza.

Magal overturns the concept of her Kintsugi line, where the silver plate is repaired with gold, inverting the two precious metals.

Designed to be worn with the nugget cord, the silver necklace or the gold necklace.

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