Runic pendants-Aett of Tyr

Runic pendants-Aett of Tyr

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The runes are 24 ancient symbols that form the Furthark: the ancient Celtic alphabet from which the German language derives.
They are signs rich in meaning linked to the collective unconscious. each rune represents a moment in Man's life: sowing, harvest, war, family, joy, love, friendship, fertility, death...
Each is also connected to an element of nature: water, the sun, ice, the yew tree, the cyclical nature of the seasons...
Wearing a rune means looking inside yourself and expressing all the symbolic potential that it contains.
The runic alphabet can be divided into three Aettir or families, in this section we present the second one called Aett of Tyr.
This section of 8 runes represents the symbols of personal fulfillment, moving from the individual to the collective dimension. By knowing yourself you are ready to know and welcome others to collaborate.
Each pendant is handmade by Magal in the goldsmith's workshop in Vicenza.
The material used is 925 silver worked by fire and hammer.

The runic pendants can be worn with the black leather cord, the colored silk cord or the silver nugget cord.
Dimensions: diameter approximately 3 cm
You can select the chosen rune from the drop-down menu.
These eight runes of Tyr's Aett:

It represents justice on earth. The upward arrow indicates the divine principle of justice on which the world is based. This sign develops in the wearer a masculine strength that is expressed with audacity and resourcefulness. It increases the sense of responsibility for one's actions.
It represents the energy of the feminine as its shape similar to two breasts recalls. It awakens the ability to welcome and understand, it is the rune of fertility and of all the receptive and sensitive abilities typical of the feminine.
It is the rune that presides over relationships of growth and collaboration based on mutual trust and loyalty.
It literally means horse, a faithful and trustworthy companion for the knight who in ancient times was forced to travel long distances. He is therefore the faithful friend who walks alongside us during the journey of life.
This rune is the symbol of the individual immersed in society, of the responsible community that leads to the evolution of human consciousness. It awakens the capacity for compassion and makes us recognize that we, individuals, are the co-creators of the world in which we live. In this way it reminds us how important civic responsibility is and brings us back to a state of harmony with the surrounding environment.

It is the rune linked to water and consequently to emotions. Sometimes emotions overwhelm us as if they were rushing waters.
This rune instead reminds us to get in touch with the flow of the unconscious which should be explored and known to be channeled and transformed into positive energy.
It is one of the runes linked to the element of fire, this time understood as a domestic hearth for welcoming relatives and friends.
It presides over the renewal of energy and positively accompanies all new business and family ventures.
This is the family rune. It reminds us how important it is to know where we come from to understand who we are and where we want to go. On the other hand, without roots the tree could not grow. It urges us to free ourselves and learn from the past and ancestors. It is the recognition of our place in the world, of our right to exist.
It is the last of the 24 letters of the runic alphabet.
It represents the butterfly and its metamorphosis.
It hopes for the transformation of the Conscience of Man who, having emerged from his cocoon, learns to live in mutual respect and love.

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