Silvia's amulet

Silvia was looking for a "post-it" amulet to stick on her as a reminder of what her life was heading towards: self-realization.

Il dipinto che mi ha spedito Silvia.
Il dipinto che mi ha spedito Silvia.

I sent her some proposals, all those symbols that I felt recall her purpose: from the runes of strength and resourcefulness to the graphic representation of the third chakra which is connected to willpower and action.

I suggested her to meditate on it and tell me what she felt was suitable for her ... after a week she wrote me: - "I feel this" - sending me the image of a painting with two concentric circles that lied outside my proposals. "Well, if you feel this we will accomplish this."

"Well, if you feel this we will accomplish this."

Disegno di progettazione dell’amuleto.
Disegno di progettazione dell’amuleto.

Once again I had confirmation that when it comes to symbols the question is subjective and as Alejandro Jodorowsky writes: "A symbol does not offer a precise concept but acts as a mirror that reflects the level of Consciousness of the researcher".

It’s like Silvia’s pendant is repeating to her and her only a silent mantra that, vibrating, reminds her of the aspiration for which she built it:

“I honor the strength that is in me. The fire in me burns all obstacles and fears.

I complete tasks easily and effortlessly.
I can do whatever I want to do. "

And it was precisely with fire that I worked silver to create Silvia's circles by shaping them by hand and beating them in various ways to enhance their uniqueness, so that Silvia can be mirrored.

Una fase di lavorazione del pendente.
Una fase di lavorazione del pendente.

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