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Wearing a symbolic jewel is something very personal, most of the time we see it and it calls us back.

However, sometimes the need arises in us to create a unique and one of a kind sign to wear on us, this jewel can distinguish a special relationship or seal a moment of life and change.

They frequently ask me to create customized symbols and the stories behind them always excite me, I illustrate them on my blog as an example of the magic that is created and how a jewel that is born "felt" in this way is full of spirituality and becomes a bridge between the tangible and the invisible.

There are many family stories, such as the one of a daughter who moves abroad and the family that with a specially designed symbol jewel, hugs her in an embrace of protection and freedom at the same time.

Silvia wrote me these enchanting words, which I report you, about what the symbolic jewel we are creating together means for her:

I always think of the amulet as a sort of 'post-it' to stick on, like a memento, like: remember that you are going towards what you want."

Below you will find some stories of the jewelry I made.

If you also have a symbolic jewel to make you can write to me at i .

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